#1 Cloud ERP System

With a suite of applications that includes ERP, financials, commerce, inventory management, HR, supply chain, CRM and more – NetSuite enables businesses of all sizes and across all industries to work more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time insights into operational and financial performance.

We’ve Got You Covered

NetSuite Implementation

Expertise: BBT boasts a team of NetSuite specialists with comprehensive knowledge and experience in maximizing the platform’s functionalities.

Tailored Solutions: Their approach involves a detailed analysis of your business needs, leading to customized NetSuite solutions designed specifically for your organization.

Proven Track Record: BBT’s portfolio showcases numerous successful implementations across various industries, demonstrating their ability to deliver tangible results.

Efficiency and Precision: With streamlined methodologies, BBT ensures timely and accurate NetSuite implementations without compromising quality.

Comprehensive Support: Beyond implementation, BBT provides robust training and ongoing support to empower your team in utilizing NetSuite effectively.

Client-Centric Approach: BBT prioritizes communication and collaboration, fostering strong partnerships with clients for successful implementations and continued success.

NetSuite Administration

Expert Administration: BBT excels in proficiently managing NetSuite’s administrative tasks, leveraging their expertise in system maintenance and optimization.

Custom Configuration: They adeptly configure and personalize NetSuite to suit your business needs, ensuring the system aligns precisely with your operational requirements.

Data Management: BBT efficiently handles data within NetSuite, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and security through meticulous management practices.

Workflow Optimization: They streamline workflows within NetSuite, enhancing operational efficiency and improving processes for maximum productivity.

User Training and Support: BBT provides comprehensive training and support to users, enabling them to navigate NetSuite effectively and make the most out of its features.

Continuous Improvement: They continuously assess and refine NetSuite configurations, ensuring your system evolves with your business, maintaining its effectiveness over time.

NetSuite Development

Custom Development Solutions: BBT offers tailored NetSuite development services, crafting unique solutions to meet specific business needs, whether through custom scripts, SuiteApps, or integrations.

Scripting Expertise: Their team excels in scripting within NetSuite, utilizing SuiteScript to develop custom functionalities, automations, and enhancements.

Integration Mastery: BBT seamlessly integrates NetSuite with other systems, ensuring smooth data flow and communication between different platforms or applications.

SuiteApp Creation: They specialize in creating SuiteApps, providing additional functionalities or custom extensions to enhance NetSuite’s capabilities as per your requirements.

Testing and Quality Assurance: BBT rigorously tests all developed solutions to ensure they meet quality standards and perform optimally within the NetSuite environment.

Version Control and Documentation: Their development process includes meticulous version control and documentation, ensuring clarity, traceability, and manageability of all changes made to the NetSuite instance.

NetSuite Integration

Strategic Integration Planning: BBT meticulously plans integration strategies, considering your business needs and systems to seamlessly connect NetSuite with other applications or platforms.

API Expertise: Their team is proficient in utilizing NetSuite’s APIs to create robust and secure integrations, enabling smooth data exchange and communication between systems.

Customized Integration Solutions: BBT designs tailored integration solutions, ensuring that data flows accurately and efficiently between NetSuite and your other systems or software.

Third-Party System Connectivity: They specialize in integrating NetSuite with various third-party applications, enabling a unified ecosystem that optimizes processes across your organization.

Data Mapping and Transformation: BBT handles data mapping and transformation effectively, ensuring that information transferred between systems is correctly interpreted and utilized.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Post-integration, they provide monitoring and maintenance services to ensure continuous functionality and resolve any potential issues promptly, ensuring seamless operations between integrated systems.

SuiteCommerce Development

Custom SuiteCommerce Implementations: BBT excels in implementing SuiteCommerce Advanced tailored to your business requirements, ensuring an online presence that aligns perfectly with your brand and functionality needs.

Design and User Experience: Their expertise extends to designing intuitive and visually appealing SuiteCommerce interfaces, prioritizing user experience to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Customization and Extensions: BBT specializes in customizing SuiteCommerce Advanced through extensions and enhancements, providing unique functionalities to meet specific business demands.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Solutions: They ensure that SuiteCommerce Advanced implementations are responsive and mobile-friendly, catering to the evolving landscape of user preferences and device usage.

Integration with NetSuite: BBT seamlessly integrates SuiteCommerce Advanced with NetSuite, enabling synchronized data flow between your e-commerce platform and backend systems for accurate and efficient operations.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Beyond implementation, BBT provides continuous support and maintenance services for SuiteCommerce Advanced, ensuring its smooth functioning, updates, and scalability over time.

NetSuite Support

Comprehensive Support Services: BBT offers extensive NetSuite support services, catering to a wide range of needs including troubleshooting, issue resolution, and guidance.

Responsive Assistance: Their support team ensures prompt responses and timely resolution of queries or issues encountered within NetSuite, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

User Guidance and Training: BBT provides user guidance and training sessions to empower your team in effectively navigating NetSuite and utilizing its features optimally.

System Maintenance: They perform regular system check-ups and maintenance, ensuring the stability, security, and optimal performance of your NetSuite instance.

Customized Support Plans: BBT offers tailored support plans catering to the specific requirements and complexities of your business, ensuring you get the assistance you need.

Continuous Improvement Recommendations: Their support services extend beyond issue resolution, offering insights and recommendations for system enhancements and optimizations to improve your NetSuite experience continually.